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Come and explore some of the lofts you've seen on the show like you were standing in the middle of the room. Full panoramic viewing allows you to get a realistic feeling of the environment the loft owner intended. No plug in needed..have a look.


Welcome to Lofty Ideas - the premiere online destination dedicated to open concept living. Whether you are a fan of the Lofty Ideas television series on HGTV or an admirer interested in loft living, an interactive discovery awaits you. Featuring images and information from your favorite Lofty episodes, Lofty on-line includes tons of design tips, a comprehensive listing of lofty-related resources, and question forums. Immerse yourself in the ultimate Lofty experience by taking a virtual tour of featured lofts; explore select lofts in intimate detail using innovative virtual technology.

Powersports (Middle East)

Phoenix Hong Kong

Sitcom Italy

Pyramid (Kuwait)

Daydreamer (Poland)

RTM Malaysia


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